Blood Ties

Stealing Iris

Stealing Iris

A Dark Mafia Romance
Blood Ties, Book 1

After years of being a facilitator for the elites of criminal society, I know a bad deal when I see one.

I was walking away from the latest gangster wannabe, until he made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

She was beautiful and innocent, until I took that away from her.

The more I took, the more I wanted.

But something’s wrong, and Iris won’t talk.

I’m beginning to think I’m being played.

Yet I can’t shake the memory of her, the taste of her.

She’s what I want…and I’m not taking no for an answer.

Book Cover for Saving Bonnie

Saving Bonnie

A Dark Mafia Romance
Blood Ties, Book 2

I live by three rules…

Don’t trust anyone

Don’t get involved in other people’s shit

Don’t get tangled up with a woman

The day I met her, I broke all three

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Seducing Mattie

A Dark Mafia Romance
Blood Ties, Book 3

I’ve known she’s out there for most of my life
She’s asked me to wait, so I have
But she’s in trouble, I can feel it in my bones
And I’m not holding back now, regardless of what she wants