Stealing Iris

A Dark Mafia Romance
Blood Ties, Book 1

The moment our eyes meet, I want her…and I always get what I want.
The fact she belongs to someone else isn’t important.
Until he makes me an offer I can’t refuse…

I claim her innocence with driving force.
I should be appeased.
It should be enough.
Only it’s not.

She’s in my head, taking over my thoughts,
becoming an addiction, a driving need.
But something’s wrong.
What it is, she won’t say.

I’m a boss in my world, a kingmaker to most,
with resources and power in the criminal underworld.
If they thought they could play me,
they’re not prepared for the consequences.
And if I find out he hurt her… there’ll be hell to pay.




Saving Bonnie

A Dark Mafia Romance
Blood Ties, Book 2

I live by three rules…
Don’t trust anyone
Don’t get involved in other people’s shit
Don’t get tangled up with a woman

The day I met her, I broke all three


Seducing Mattie

A Dark Mafia Romance
Blood Ties, Book 3


I’ve known she’s out there for most of my life
She’s asked me to wait, so I have
But she’s in trouble, I can feel it in my bones
And I’m not holding back now, regardless of what she wants






Rise of Faust, Book 1

One way or another, I will keep her safe.

I know the struggle of running to survive. It’s not a battle I would wish on my worst enemy, much less a beauty like Brianna. All she wants it’s freedom, and I’m prepared to help no matter the cost.

Heavily guarded checkpoints stand between us and escape, and the wolves of war are circling. More than ever I need to be sharp and on full alert. I can’t risk the intoxicating distraction of her lips on mine, yet my body aches for her.

With danger closing in from all sides, I’m faced with an impossible choice. Do we run, knowing the pursuit may never end? Or is it time to make our final stand?




Rise of Faust, Book 2


We were supposed to lay low…

Because of me, we left the States to live in the middle of nowhere.

I kept my mouth shut when the “lawman” busted in to enforce Faust’s rule.

I put up with the flaring temper.

I turned a blind eye to the aggression.

Then he threatened to take what’s mine.

He doesn’t know who he’s messing with, but he will.




Rise of Faust, Book 3

The stunning conclusion of the Rise of Faust Trilogy





Desire & Deception

Book 1 in the Dangerous Desires Series

Tessa agreed to make her last night in Mexico memorable, but she didn’t expect to wake up on the floor of a cartel safe-house.
Kris must claim the fiery redhead to keep her alive while he works to take down the cartel from the inside.




Secrets & Seduction

Book 2 in the Dangerous Desires Series

Monica acts as an informant in the cartel-run town. She expects the danger. She doesn’t expect the heated rush of desire for Andres, a cartel horse trainer…especially when that desire grows into something deeper and far more complicated.





Temptation & Treachery

Book 3 in the Dangerous Desires Series

Celeste presents a buttoned-up, secretive, exterior but cold and calculating, Rio, melts every barrier. Imagine his surprise when he discovers she’s a cartel leader’s daughter…and she’s pregnant with Rio’s baby.