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    Giveaway: Alice in Wonderland Hop

    ATTENTION READERS BLEEDING SOULS SAVED BY LOVE, is having a Facebook hop right now. The event ends on February 14th, so you need to get to hopping!! Collect the Alice in Wonderland Clues and password from each page/group and make sure to PM your list to Mikki Thomas and comment when done in the Bleeding Souls Saved by Love group with ‘WONDERLAND‘. There are some amazing prizes to be won, like over $80.00 in Amazon gift cards, Swag, and E-books from our amazing authors. You can start the hop here: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FierceAF/)

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    Ravished: Mountain Man, Friends to Lovers Romance

    Ravished: Mountain Man, Friends to Lovers Romance (Demanding Daddy Book 3) by Olivia Fox A real, live mountain man.Zeke Midas. A tasty morsel of a lumberjack at that.He’s an axe-wielding tree feller, plain-spoken and burly. Back in high school, he barely knew I existed except for our weekly tutoring sessions. It pains me to admit it, I’ve never encountered a man yummier than him.Now we’re both grown up, and he tells me it’s time to feed the wolf. That I’m the first and only female to speak to the animal he keeps hidden away. I’m not so sure about that. Zeke isn’t the only male to make my hormones sing, but he’s the only man…