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    Giveaway: A Killer New Year Shakedown Event

    ? ?????? ??? ????, ??? ?????? ??????? ????????? ????????? ????? Do you dare enter the shadowy realm of Mr. X, the hired assassin in the Social Rejects Syndicate? For the next few days you’ll have the chance to visit the authors behind the hot new mafia world, The Social Rejects Syndicate, and collect the list of weapons Mr. X has used for some of his most infamous hits. Stop by all of the author’s pages and groups and collect the list of weapons. Once done, leave your list in the comment on the Social Rejects Syndicate’s Group post and you’ll be entered to win a fantastic prize. Also, make sure…

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    Giveaway: You’re Invited to a Killer Event

    JOIN THE SOCIAL REJECTS FOR A KILLER EVENT!If you love Mafia Books/Mafia Romance…then you need to join us on October 24th to celebrate The Social Rejects! Takeovers, Live feeds from the SRS authors and of course….PRIZES!!!Click here to find the SRS Fan Group—->