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    Hybrid: Adapt or Die by Rebecca Henry

    August 5, 2019|Book Blitz, Giveaway, Military, Sci-Fi Publication date: August 2019Genres: Adult, Horror, Science Fiction Synopsis: Agent Van of the CIA is sent to an Australian underground military surveillance base called Pine Gap. Agent Van finds himself thrown in a conspiracy cover up of an ancient alien race known as species X. Agent Van falls in love with Annika, a mysterious and uncommon woman who displays unusual abilities, leading Van to question her own origin. Mystery and horror explode around Agent Van during a cave diving exhibition to search for a lost colleague referred to as Agent One. The only clue for Agent Van and his team is a cryptic message carved on a wall…

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    Booty Hunter

    Bounty hunter, Serpint, has just returned to Harem Station with a prize addition to his brother’s elite collection of Cygnian princesses. But Serpint sacrificed a lot to bring this little gift home and now all he wants is some no-strings sex with a simple, obedient girl and a bottle of whiskey. Enter Princess Lyra. She’s any filthy-minded rebel’s one-night-stand erotic dream. If you don’t mind her bad attitude and lack of… Luster Not quite the obedient girl Serpint was craving. But Cygnian princesses are hard to pass up. Even one with dark secrets. Because they have a very special, very specific, sexual talent… They glow when they climax. Lyra thinks she’s…