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Mr. Billionaire CEO

November 28, 2018|Alpha Male, Book Blitz, Giveaway




A forbidden, sexy office romance stand-alone from USA Today best-selling author Sedona Venez.

Jayla is trouble, and she’s just my type of woman.

I was damned when I watched her stroll into the office building her first day of work. In a matter of minutes, she shattered my control.

I’ve been obsessed with her bombshell body since that day.

But I’m her boss.

So, my fixation on her is totally inappropriate, especially when she hasn’t shown a bit of sexual interest in me—or so I thought … up until recently.

I’m a Dom, and I sense she is a natural submissive, albeit one who seems inexperienced with men. My instincts tell me that the right man can not only bring out her external beauty, but sexually awaken her as well.

Now that I’ve set my sights on her, I’m not going to back down until I get what I want.

And, as everyone in the office knows, I always get what I want.

As with all my books, this stand-alone is safe with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.







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“Right on time,” he told me with a smile. “Come over here and sit on the edge of the desk.”

My blood pumped a little faster at the look in his eye. “Okay.”

I sat on the edge of the desk and then jumped a little as his hands settled at my waist, pushing me back a bit farther. I winced as I felt my butt press against a paperweight and heard it clatter against the polished wood of the desk.

“Don’t worry about it,” he murmured. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Um… are we doing this here?” I wanted to know. “Now?”

He smiled at me. “Not exactly. I am preparing you for our first night together.”

Leaning past me, he reached out and grabbed a large black box sitting on the desk. He set it down next to me and lifted the top off. I tried to get a look at what was inside, but I was distracted when he reached for the zipper at the side of my pencil skirt and tugged it down.

“Lift your legs for me,” he commanded.

I did as he said. Shivers of pleasure went through my body as he slowly slid the skirt down my legs, ensuring the pads of his fingers stroked my skin as he did so.

“Good girl. Now your panties.”

Not that I wasn’t down with fucking Holland, but it had been a long time since I had sex.

“I thought we weren’t doing this here?”

His hands stilled at the waistband of my sheer, boy-cut black panties. “This is all about trust, Jayla.” He paused. “Do you trust me? Because if you don’t, I won’t push you, and you’re free to walk away with no repercussions.”

Walk away? Oh, hell to the no. I’m all in.

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